Friday, October 19, 2012

Corruption hits again in local government!

Corruption...this is not the norm but the exception in local government. Unfortunately stories like these must be brought out to light to show all of us that this type of activity is not only illegal but will not be tolerated.

In Los Angeles, the previous Los Angeles County Assessor, John Noguez, once a rising Latino elected official, has been indicted by the Los Angeles District Attorney of multiple counts of bribery and using his office to lower property taxes to campaign contributors.

Here is the full story from the Los Angeles Times:

Los Angeles County Assessor Accused of Corruption. (CLICK HERE)

Just Southwest of downtown Los Angeles, where the famous Beach Boys grew up, the City of Hawthorn has been the issue of corruption and scandal in the past few years. Now, Mayor Daniel Juarez, billed as the "reformer" is now being accused of accepting monies and not reporting them.

Here is the full story:

Mayor of Hawthorne accused of taking money. (CLICK HERE)

So America...what do you think? Love to hear your feelings and responses!

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