Thursday, August 30, 2012

Local City Corruption....lack of voter engagement!

LA Times: "The Rise and Fall of Mr. Cudahy." (CLICK HERE)

Today's Los Angeles Times, yet had another article of local city corruption in the city of Cudahy, in the southeast Los Angeles County. The twist to this story is that it could have been a great "rags to riches" story and even a great "American Up-From-Your-Bootstraps" kind of story. Sadly enough...neither will be told.

In the center of the corruption scandal, is George Perez, otherwise know as "GP" to those who know him in the region. He started working as a janitor in 1986 for the City of Cudahy and worked his way up to become the City's city manager, with no formal education or training, but plenty of ambition. GP was the powerbroker of the City of Cudahy...he basically decided who was on or off the city council and controlled all business coming in and out.

Last year George Perez abruptly resigned from his position as city manager. Now the FBI is alleging him as the centerpiece of a large corruption scandal, which includes bribery and drug use.

This is a perfect example of  power corrupting, and the obvious vacuum of local civic engagement. When one person wields this much power and control for so long, one has to wonder where are the people of Cudahy, local law enforcement, local businesses, surrounding municipalities, etc.. in all this "wild, wild, west" fiasco? This is why we as Americans must understand that everything begins in our own homes and backyards....we have the right and responsibility, under the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to engage and VOTE!

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