Monday, August 13, 2012

OPINION: Romney's Running Mate, Paul Ryan: What does this mean to America and Latinos?

As many people, I was very surprised when Republican Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, made the official announcement that his VP slot will be filled by the young and dynamic Congressman Paul Ryan. I had hedged my bets on Condi Rice or even Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico as an interesting mix to the political matchup for November.

The more I thought about the decision Romney made, the more excited I got about the Republican ticket's chances in winning the Presidential race come November. Some people have told me, "...Ryan is going to take away our Medicare as we know it..hijo de..." or even that he is "the devil in sheep's clothing!" and that he is the "darling of the conservative movement". All interesting words and phrases, but that is all they are...words.

I grew up in a Democratic household and even had the honor of working in the Clinton White House. But through experience, my ideology began to shift, like many Americans and Latinos. I could not for the life of me see my mother write checks for EVERYTHING she wanted to buy without thinking about our household budget....she is truely the coupon queen of Los Angeles! So why would I want MY government and country that I love and would die for do the same? Well I won't!

We are now playing high stakes political campaigning. The reason we see the immediate attack on Ryan regarding medicare is because we all know this little secret: seniors VOTE! That is why education "takes a backseat" because children DO NOT VOTE and will not be influential in choosing the next President of the United States....this is just the reality unfortunately. So the "fear" tactics begin immediately from the Democrats that medicare is going to be ABOLISHED! Well that is one good way of rallying up the troops and the AARP members! But this could not be further from the truth.

Remember how I brought up my mom...the coupon queen? Well Medicare how it is currently designed basically has an "open" check policy with very limits on spending. Would your household spend with out budget parameters? Then why would we let our government do the same? What Congressman Paul Ryan has outlined is this: We need to keep Medicare, BUT we need to setup financial parameters in order to have this great program for our children to eventually enjoy!

What is good for Latinos is good for America....what is good for America is good for Latinos! We NEED REFORM NOW and we need leaders who will lead and not worry about the next election cycle. Change is NOT easy but it also NOT impossible. Just remember this: For every $1 the US spends, it has to BORROW $.40 of can we maintain this craziness. Just look at my beautiful State of California...not too Golden now a days. California is coming close to a financial meltdown as we see local cities filing bankruptcy and placing tax and fee initiatives on to the November ballot to survive! AMERICA does not need needs responsible REFORM and CHANGE.

So please do me one favor...let's all educate ourselves on the issues facing us on the November ballot and let's make a first step towards change by just VOTING!

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