Thursday, August 2, 2012

No Ethics for Ousted Police Chief

Ousted Ex-Police Chief Sues To Get Severance Pay

LA TImes Article

In today's Los Angeles Times, the ex-Police Chief of City of Bell is suing the City in order to get his severance package. As you can all remember the embarrassing fiasco that happened in the City of Bell last year, where the leadership was found guilty of corruption. The policy chief, Randy Adams, was not prosecuted (I don't why) in participating in the delousing of the City of its finances.

Adams' salary was $457,000 annually, that is " of the highest law enforcement salaries in the nation and nearly 50% more than Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck is paid" quoted the Los Angeles Times. He came under fire because he was the ex-Police Chief of the City of Glendale and had "retired" due to an injury that would not allow him to do his job as a police officer. Adams was fighting the City of Glendale for past severance as well....but he supposedly is able to "work" as a Chief of Police in the small Southeast Los Angeles' City of Bell. I am assuming the new high salary and benefits made his "injury" go away!!

This is my take at this disgusting action by Randy Adams'....first that Los Angeles County Prosecutor's Office reopen the case on him regarding fraud and corruption in the City of Bell. Second, he brings a bad name to local government, local leadership, and the fine officers that wear their badges to "protect & serve" proudly through out our country!

Please send your complaints to the Los Angeles County Prosecutor's office to this contact information:

Public Integrity Division
Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office
320 West Temple St., Rm. 766
Los Angeles, CA. 90012
Phone: (213) 974-6501

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